The Bebop Brigade

The Wichita Jazz Festival expands and enriches opportunities for jazz performance and education in our local communities. Wichita Jazz Festival's Bebop Brigade has long been the most stalwart (and obviously hippest) club in the city, with great folks supporting the best jazz in OUR town. 

But we need your assistance! 

We have developed a more flexible system for giving to the Wichita Jazz Festival. In the past, we had a single level to be a member of the Bebop Brigade. The benefits of the Brigade haven't changed, but we wanted to offer more options for the level of support with which you feel comfortable.  

Here are the levels and benefits associated with giving to WJF. Remember, all donations are tax deductible.

Donation Q & A

Q: "What does my donation do?"
A: Lots! But to be more specific, it does the following:

$25 helps us with advertising costs
$50 covers a coaching session for our high school ensembles (WJF Sessions)
$100-250 covers partial clinician fees during festival time, scholarships for students attending WJF Sessions
$500 allows us to pay for sound support for the festival concerts
$1000-­5000 helps to cover fees for the incredible artists we bring in every year!

Q: "Is my donation tax-deductible?"
A: Yes. When you donate to us, you'll receive a thank-you letter and record for your taxes.

Q: "How do I donate?"
A: We're glad you asked! There are two easy ways: Online (see just below), or by mail: mail all donations to:

Wichita Jazz Festival, Inc.
5000 E. 29th St. N
Wichita, KS 67220

Suggested Giving Levels

In case that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, here are some suggested giving levels with extra perks as a thank-you for your donation:

Pennies From Heaven ($50) - name in e-programs for all concerts

Bebop Brigade ($100) all above + Festival Pass

Invitation ($500) all above + Festival Pass + exclusive admission to Metheny soundcheck

Sugar ($1,000) all above + VIP Package

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy ($5,000) all above + public thank you from stage at all concerts (if desired)

Lush Life ($10,000) all above + Sponsor - Named Concert Evening & logo/picture on website

There are TWO easy ways to donate online!

Donate to the Wichita Jazz Festival

1. To make a tax-deductible donation, please either click the "donate" button to donate through our website (click the black button to the right)...

Or donate through your existing Paypal account (click the yellow donate button to the right):



Sponsoring/partnership agreements are flexible to meet the unique interests and needs of participating corporations. If you and your company are interested in helping us promote jazz in the Wichita area, please contact us directly at

2016 Bebop Brigade Members


Clifton Square Foundation

N Anise Abdul-Hameed

Anna Anderson

Don & Margaret Anderson

Roy Beckemeyer

Larry & Lana Bennett

Gray & Susan Bishop

Bonovia Family Foundation

Richard Chambers

Arlin Collie

Carolyn Deibel

Geoffrey Deibel

Gaylord Dold

Stephen English

William Flynn

David Freeman

Celia & Glen Goering

Bill and Marjean Harshbarger

Christine Heim

Gary Hess

John Holocek

Fran Jackson

Fred James

Ward Jewell

Anita Jones

Gary Jones

Harold & Lorine Kieler

Anita Carlton Moore - Carlton Moore Investments, LLC

Vicki Mork

Music Scene, LLC

Gerald Sibley

Sue Pearce

Ted Vlamis